Wise is an intriguing balance of motion and power. The more on its side in classes, the more involved one can create a web app. This is impeccable and with UX being so important, it's very much an issue that we all connect correctly between the UI and backend. The introduction here is to begin a new crush to your website's dynamic side. wise/src/switches/Pipes, which will be introduced on this site, is the biggest mover of AJAX information on this site, and in fact there is no other that can be so easily used and simple to configure. It's an already useable dynamic material. Change anything from anywhere without leaving the page. You're only calling a background page. How? Fetch API. Simple. Go ahead and check it out.

Anyone with experience in Javascript will adapt to it naturally. In fact, just look at the source of this page. It will be easier explained then. Using the ajax attribute that's been introduced will identify it as a link. You can use the download class to make a clickable file-download of any tagname. Make sure the ajax has an id attribute tho, or you're not working with it and it will fail. Using redirect as a attribute, with or without definition will cause the ajax to be followed to, rather than set into the page. You can set the background page output to anywhere in a page by matching the target id with the insert tag attribute. Define the insert tag attribute with the tag id of the target. It will fill the tag with the requested background fetch async call's output.



Wise has been a 4 year project. Starting early in 2017, Wise was established under the name of Pirodock. Subsequently, the name changed, often. Finding a fit was difficult. Now Wise is it.         

Commercial Use

This package is free for as long as it can be used without making a Commercial entity monetary gains through streamlining, publishing, and or creating more code based on Wise's maintained state of structure.    

Students / Teachers

Students and Teachers do not need to worry about paying for Wise because it is just that.    We would like to see Colleges, High Schools and students using the programs for as long as they can before going global.


The MIT License is being used for Wise. It is abundantly clear that Open Source is a huge prerogative for all web developers.  So, in that spirit only commercial entities who make money displaying WisePHP on their site can  owe to it.